• HDBuzz
    This interesting site features research articles on Huntington's written in every-day language so that we can understand the science and the advances in HD!!
  • HDYO
    The Huntington’s Disease Youth Organisation (HDYO) is an international non-profit voluntary organisation set up to specifically provide support for young people around the world impacted by Huntington’s disease.
  • Help 4 HD - The HD View on BlogTalkRadio
    The mission for Help 4 HD – The HD View is to introduce you to incredible personalities, professionals and laypeople; present vital information and inspiration to our Huntington’s community; and provide a forum for people to discuss the devastating issues surrounding our daily HD lives. Including a regular appearance by Northwest Chapter's own on the Ask Dr. Goodman Show.
  • HD Lighthouse Research Portal
    The HDLighthouse mission is to present and explain the latest research findings so that HD families can become proactive in their care, have hope for the future, and make good decisions in the present.
  • Huntington Disease Advocacy Center (HDAC)
    Huntington's Disease Advocacy Center. Much useful information on many aspects of Huntington's Disease.
  • HD Drug Works
    This site focuses on treatment options for the multiple symptoms of Huntington's disease, on information about clinical studies and trials, and on social issues facing HD individuals and families.
  • Hereditary Disease Foundation
    The homepage of the Hereditary Disease Foundation with links to information about many different aspects of HD.
  • HOPES (Huntington's Outreach Project for Education, at Stanford)
    Created by a team of faculty and undergraduate students at Stanford University, this web site provides detailed descriptions of current scientific understanding of HD.
  • HD Roster
    The National Research Roster for Huntington Disease Patients and Families. The goal of the Roster is to help researchers learn more about Huntington disease.
  • Huntington's Disease Society of America
    The homepage of the Huntington's Disease Society of America.
  • Huntington Society of Canada
    The homepage of the Huntington Society of Canada.
  • Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center
    The Harvard Brain Bank accepts brain donations from deceased HD patients to study the changes in the brain.
  • Huntington Study Group (HSG)
    The HSG is made up of clinical researchers in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South America, who care for HD patients and families and who are working diligently to combat this disease.
  • Medicare.gov
    Directory of every Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing home. Includes latest nursing home inspection reports.
  • Health Grades
    Independent health care ratings organization. Reports and ratings to guide you to better care providers: physicians, hospitals, and dentists.