By Jane Zerabruk (

I am the new HDSA Social Worker for Washington State Chapter. I have lived and worked in Washington state 6 years come April 2022. I graduated from the University of Texas School of Social Work with a Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) in 2008. Over a span of ten years as a medical social worker, I have had multiple professional roles from behavioral health crisis interventionist, hospital discharge planner, and geriatric case manager. All of my professional and personal experiences have given me special skills to address a diverse array of needs. My areas of expertise include supporting individual and families with identifying goals of care, transition planning and gathering resources.

I believe I can help the HD community and caregivers by offering supportive resources such as effective caregiving tools and social-emotional counsel for individuals, families, friends, caregivers, and providers.

Although I am just one person, my goal is to provide a listening ear to those that are grieving, a second set of eyes to seek out resources, a voice for advocacy, a helping hand to provide support, and another set of feet so no one has to walk this journey alone.